Legal notice

Consumer dispute resolution procedures
EVO Eitel & Volland GmbH
represented by the managing directors Uwe Volland and Timo Eitel
Max-Planck-Str. 25
70736 Fellbach - Germany

Phone: + 49- (0) 711-2529416-20
Telefax: + 49- (0) 711-2529416-29

declares itself in legal conflicts with consumers i.S.d. § 13 BGB ready to participate in consumer arbitration proceedings under the Consumer Discrimination Act.
The consumer arbitration board responsible for our company is the

General Consumer Dispute Resolution of the Center for Conciliation e.V.
Strasbourg Str. 8
77694 Kehl on the Rhine
Phone: + 49- (0) 7851/7957940
Telefax: + 49- (0) 7851/7957941

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Instructions according to the Packaging Ordinance
The Ordinance on the Prevention and Recycling of Packaging Waste (VerpackV) requires manufacturers and commercial traders to take back product packaging from the customer and to reuse the packaging to ensure (§ 6 Abs. 1 VerpackV). Not only immediate product packaging but also outer packaging is covered and transport packaging. Of course, this obligation also applies to mail order and online trading. All outer packaging can be disposed of via the comprehensive "Der Grüne Punkt" take-back system (§ 6Para. 2 and para. 3 of the Packaging Ordinance). The shipping packaging and cardboard can be disposed of in the waste paper containers.

To ensure compliance with our statutory obligations under §7 VerpackG (German Packaging Act) in respect of the sales packaging (filled with goods) that we place on the German market for the first time and distribute to private end consumers, our company has joined the scheme of Landbell AG in Mainz (Germany) which is operating nationwide. Please find further information on the web page of Landbell AG.

Instructions for the battery regulation
Our take-back obligation as a dealer: As a dealer, we are legally obliged to charge batteries and accumulators purchased from us free of charge withdraw. Please accept this offer and help keep our environment clean. Your return obligation as a consumer: Batteries do not belong in household waste. Since 1998, the Battery Regulation commits all citizens, used batteries and rechargeable batteries exclusively through the trade or the specially arranged collection points to dispose. If you want to return your batteries to us, please make sure that the shipment is sufficiently franked. Batteries are with a corresponding sign and one of the chemical symbols
- Cd (= battery contains cadmium),
- Hg (= battery contains mercury) or
- Pb (= battery contains lead).
Since March 24, 2006, old electrical appliances must not be disposed of with household waste. The devices are free of charge Towns and communities withdrawn. The return takes place at collection points or even a pickup offered. As a rule, existing collection systems (eg recycling depots, bulky waste collection) are used.