Classic Magazine 2016/3 (english)

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  • 70 years of the Unimog, illustration
  • Automotive Hall of Fame, Bertha Benz, Bruno Sacco, Max Hoffman, Béla Barényi, Wilhelm Maybach, Gottlieb Daimler, Carl Benz
  • 280 CE (W 114/ W115, Stroke/8), 200 T (W 123), Golden 70s
  • Arne Jacobsen, 1936, gas station, Skovshoved (near Copenhagen), Type 300 (W 186), Type 220 (W 187), Mercedes-Benz Klub Danmark
  • Innovation for steering wheels
  • Buyer's guide, Mercedes-Benz W120/W 121, Ponton
  • Market
  • Wolfgang Count Berghe von Trips, racing driver
  • Classic Academy, Stuttgart
  • Rene Nunez, Philippine collector, 280 CE (W 123), 300 TD
  • David R Scott, NASA astronaut, Mercedes-Benz 190 SL
  • Classic of the future, SLS AMG Roadster (C 197)
  • Hermann Layher, Head of the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim, Mercedes-Benz Type 630, SS 27/160/200 hp (W 06)
  • Ponton Mercedes 220 S, Elisabeth und Fred Smits, married couple from New Zealand
  • Mercedes-Benz 280 SLC, watch special
  • The Paul Pietsch Classic, rally through the Black Forest, Harburger van, OM 615 (200 D/8), L 206 D
  • Mercedes-Benz 540 K, Cabriolet B, 1939, Heidelberg am Neckar
  • Generation EQ

The Mercedes-Benz Classic magazine, which is published three times a year, puts the brand’s traditions and the unique history of Mercedes-Benz as the traditional automotive manufacturer worldwide in the spotlight.

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine (text, photos, layout) is protected by copyright. Any unauthorized digital or analog reproduction for commercial use is prohibited. Commercial use also includes use of the photos/text on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) and their circulation within clubs/associations. This constitutes an infringement of the German Art Copyright Act (KUG) and as such may be pursued by the authors/photographers.
Publisher: Daimler AG · Mercedesstraße 137 · D-70327 Stuttgart

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