AMG Performance Baselayer Summer

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Product information "AMG Performance Baselayer Summer"

To offer you maximum comfort, the AMG logo has been sewn in smartly, and becomes one with the cotton. The white logo is clearly visible, yet it does not irritate or chafe. The fabric used is flame-resistant – made possible by cutting-edge technology.


A new base layer concept that combines a cool design with choice characteristics of seamless tubular knitting technology. The latest technology has been used to sew in the AMG logo smartly, making it one with the cotton and offering the very best comfort. Excellent as underwear, the AMG BASELAYER SUMMER gives the best performances when your body needs to maintain a correct temperature – thanks to a new textured yarn technology with a reduced volume and perfect insulating effect. Open mesh allows the fabric to work actively to transfer perspiration to outer layers. Our clothing is made of flame-resistant fabric – to keep you safe and cool while driving.




Made in Italy