Ameluna Sospensione

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Product information "Ameluna Sospensione"

Ameluna matches beauty with intelligence through its completely transparent acrylic shape combined with a dynamic light that creates a wide range of lighting effects. This interplay of clear lines and asymmetrical, sensuous volume produces a tangible feeling of tension.

The edge of the ring-shaped acrylic glass lamp is held by a silk-matt, transparent aluminium band that holds 288 LEDs. From here, the light radiates downwards in a ring shape with an output of 44 watts and at the same time is dispersed upwards, which causes the entire transparent lamp to glow.

Product details:

  •     Colour: Transparent
  •     Area of use: Interior lighting
  •     Material: Methacrylate, technopolymer, thermally conductive
  •     Dimensions: Height: 15cm, Width: 75cm, Diameter: 25cm
  •     Watt: 41W
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