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  • Warm-up 80th Mercedes-Benz Brand Club in Kenya. A G-Model in the living room
  • Unique: advertising ­poster “The lady wears Benz” from 1921
  • 5,000th member of the R/C 107 SL Club
  • 14,000 km of highs. A W 115, a W 113 and a G-Model take the Silk Road to the South China Sea
  • Huang’s dream. Visit to the home of China’s classic vehicle enthusiast extraordinaire in the megacity Chengdu, W 136, W 121, W 180
  • A hero! In his W 120 Dietrich Rohrbeck drove people from the former GDR to freedom in the West
  • Very sporty. Celebrating 125 years of motorsport: what did the Mercedes-Benz racing idols wear at the wheel?
  • Sunbound. Classico enthusiasts get close to the sun in Ecuador. W 121, R 107, C 123
  • Photo finish. Our series concludes with some shots of selected gems from the Mercedes-Benz vehicle collection. W 194, W 198 II, C 111
  • Buyers’ guide: the W 126 Lighter and more ­restrained: a new start for the S-Class in 1979
  • Classics of the future, 168
  • Rustic ride. Emotional encounter for three Unimog enthusiasts in southern Germany, U 411, U 421
  • Marketplace: The top classics from Mercedes-Benz, W 111, W 120, W 123, W 128, W 186
  • Ask Dr Giesefeld
  • Feuilleton

The Mercedes-Benz Classic magazine, which is published three times a year, puts the brand’s traditions and the unique history of Mercedes-Benz as the traditional automotive manufacturer worldwide in the spotlight.

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine (text, photos, layout) is protected by copyright. Any unauthorized digital or analog reproduction for commercial use is prohibited. Commercial use also includes use of the photos/text on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) and their circulation within clubs/associations. This constitutes an infringement of the German Art Copyright Act (KUG) and as such may be pursued by the authors/photographers.
Publisher: Daimler AG · Mercedesstraße 137 · D-70327 Stuttgart

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